King Island coconut water

“King Island” fresh coconut water in UHT will revive your soul to the nature sensation with various mineral like Potassium,Sodium,Magnesium,
Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus. Benefits of coconut water are more than you think
Potassium found in coconut water is very beneficial for health lovers,especially sport players. Because of its small molecules
which body can utilize as energy easily. Coconut water is considered to be “Sport Drink”. It can be drink after sport activitie or
exercises because of its high essential mineral.Moreover,it has been recognized by the researchers that coconut water can
prevent heart disease. It has been chosen to be one of be the best fruit among all .Coconut water contains high essential
minerals and also helps to relieve stress as well as refres the body within five minutes. Apart  it also nurses
the beautiful skin with Estrogen.