Kingisland History

The  story  of   King Island     has begun with  one couplerowed  a  boat     along   the  Chao  Phraya River, the  principal   river of Bangkok, to earn the  rest    of    Theppadungporn   family    living  as  a coconut   vendor  since fifty years ago.


Theppadungpornfamily    brought   finestcoconut from   Southern  of  Thailand  then  distributes  to Bangkok  and   vicinity area  with    determination, honesty and tried their best to present the quality Thai coconut to Siamese.

Coconut tree is one of the palm families which can stay more than 20 years and can be found in many areas of Thailand, especially in Southern and Eastern of Thailand. Coconut tree can be easily and effectively grown in tropical weather and appropriate soil condition.  

Thai coconut tree are divided into two types, Tall and Dwarf, which have different usages. The nature of Tall typed has thicken and creamy coconut meat, hence it is suitable for making coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut oil which are normally used as a key ingredient for Thai food.Meanwhile, the characteristics of Dwarf typed are soft and tender texture of coconut meat. Particularly, the pleasant taste of water is slightly sweet and aromatic scent which is the uniqueness of Thai coconut water.

On the long way of coconut experiences, Theppadungporn Family would like to contribute their love, belief, ambitious by establishing Theppadungporn Coconut Company which is operating coconut processed products to domestic and international market since then. It was the guarantee of continuous success TCC was supported by Investment Promotion Committee, so the family gave the birth of a new business under the name “Ampol Food Processing,” which had originated the first Thai company who produces coconut products in Ultra-High Temperature process. In addition to Ampol Food Proessing(APF)  is now considered as the leader in food and drink product innovation with high-technology management and social and environmental responsibility.
                With our knowledge and skills including high production technology can lead us to transform the natural taste of Thai coconut which has outstandingly aromatic scent into UHT packaging which is able to remain the original taste of real coconut in longer life-span to become UHT coconut water under the brand “King Island”.                    
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